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Magical Year 2022

I hope 2022 is a magical part of your story. Wishing you a happy and healthy new year! I’m also searching for: – Tenyo Mystery China Box T-201 – Tenyo Billscape T-123 – Tenyo SideTrack T-118 Please email me if you want to sell them.

Working from home

I have been working from home for 1 year now. During this time I was not even one day in the office.

Trikafta changed my life!

During the quarantine, due to the corona virus epidemic, I was surprised by the news that I would be among the lucky ones to receive a medicine Trikafta. Today (after 2 months) I can say that Trikafta is miraculously medicine, which changed my life. My lung function increased. However, more importantly, I cough almost nothing. The large amounts of energy previously used for coughing I can now use for other activities. That means more quality

He gave Muster his cartoons

On August 1st 2019, weekly newspaper Nedeljske novice (Sunday news) published a major interview with Uroš Sajko, an ardent collector of everything that legendary comic artist Miki Muster has created, whether it be comics, picture books, illustrations, animated films, books, magazines, documentaries, or anything else. The interview is in Slovene language.

A refreshed website

After several months of preparation and downloading of the content from the previous page, our new website was launched at the end of the winter – formally updated and content refreshed. It preserves the framework structure of the structure and most of the content you have been used to, and at the same time the current page brings some new solutions. It is designed to be adapted for display on all newer (mobile) devices, makes