February 26, 2019

Hermes SoftLab

From June 1997 to September 2004 – full time employment in Hermes SoftLab d.d.:

  • position configuration manager
  • lead engineer in the team with 3 engineers on the project with 100 engineers
  • responsible for the installation scripts and product installation on UNIX platforms
  • responsible for the compilation, linking and packaging of the HP DataProtector backup product
  • managed German, French and Japanese localization of the product


  • Business Presentation Skills, Mercuri, Ljubljana, Slovenia (March 2002)
  • The Principles of Project Management, IBM, Bled, Slovenia (September 2001)
  • Methods and Techniques of Project Management, SRC.si, Bled, Slovenia (June 2000)
  • Special training for Software Distributor, HP, Cupertino, California (March 2000)
  • Special training for ClearCase UNIX Administration, Rational, London, England (December 1999)
  • Special training for ClearCase UNIX MetaData, Rational, London, England (December 1999)